Dear community,


We are community leaders and community volunteers working to assist our areas with information about resources and pulling together to see how we can assist.

We are currently made up of the 

  • Sikh Food Pantry Program by Sikh Orgs. and Community Based Orgs serving South Bay California

  • Santa Clara County Services - Represented by Supervisor Cortese's Office

  • Rotary Service Above Self- Santa Clara Rotary Club to provide support where needed

  • Small Business Guidance - by Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce

Please go to the following page to find out more about news and resources on Facebook

GROCERY DELIVERY: For those in South Bay in need of Groceries and have no one else to help, please fill out the GROCERY FORM HERE

DONATIONS: For those that can donate please do as we will need the support as much as possible. PLEASE DONATE HERE. 

If you are not good with online forms so much. Don't worry, we'll try to help you on the phone. Call us at 408 459 9945.

Orgs, or others if you have questions, please ask for Harbir Kaur Bhatia



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