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IK Onkar Bridges

Celebrating Sikh Heritage.

Building Bridges of Understanding and Peace

Uplifting World and Enriching Lives

Together For A Better World For All!

We are One Race, the Human race!


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Celebrating Sikh Heritage. Building Bridges of Understanding. Uplifting Each Other and The World Together.  Enriching Lives


  • Sikh awareness and understanding. Exploring Sikh heritage around the World. Connecting with our origins for greater insights and opportunities for impact.

  • Community building across faiths, cultures and society. Greater unity and celebrating diversity. Standing in solidarity for human rights.  Learning from one another.

  • A community network and resources to connect and with like minded individuals, Sikhs, partners and programs for collaboration, support, and action.

  • Supporting the people through projects and initiatives that empower, educate, address humanitarian Issues, and human rights

All Hands In


Sarbat Da Bhalla

Seeking The Wellbeing For All

Manas ki jaat sabhe eke pehchanbo 
See All Humanity as One Race

Ik Onkar
One Divine and Creative Force, The Force, Manifests Itself Into Our Knowable and Unknowable Existence. All Life !

Guru,The Teacher 
SikhThe Learner

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Increasing Sikh awareness, understanding, and appreciation through participation in community programs, educational presentations, events, and other iniatives.

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Connect. Experience. Celebrate 

Experience the heritage of the beginnings of Sikhi and Guru Nanak Ji. Currently we are working primarily on immersive experiences from Nankana Sahib and Punjab. 


SCN TV: Seminars & Talks 

Programs on Sikhi, Interfaith, Activism, Contemporary Topics, and more between youth to seniors, interfaith and multicultural groups, and individual citizen diplomats. 

INSPIRE TV & Chardikala Circles

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Sikhs For All

Seva through education, training,  empowerment, economic development, developing peace,  planet care, and humanitarian aid.



If your idea of a perfect vacation includes being exposed to new experiences and interacting with local people, then look no further than my exciting Private Tour. I take care of all the details - just come and have fun!



Connecting Sikhs and groups to one another locally and globally. Organizations and groups that stand with Sikhs and issues that matter to humanity

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IK Onkar - Sarbat Da Bhalla

We are from USA and other parts of the world and working to increase the awareness & appreciation for the Sikh heritage around the globe and service to humanity and all life to practice principles of oneness. Sikhs are very small minority around  the world with a recent and rich heritage and amazing history that serves all humanity and life.Sikhs have always providing much care and service in their communities for equality, justice, inclusion for all.  Yet being small and unknown has also created prejudice and bullying. Therefore we work to celebrate our Sikh heritage, build healthy relationships between communities and service to humanity.

 Starting in USA, there is a clear need for a better understanding of the pioneers and modern-day events. Along with a desire to connect with the heritage around the world while also building relationships between interfaith and multicultural communities. 


Today we are involved in different professions and also in various aspects of community service and leadership. Seeing close up the challenges, opportunities, and richness in Sikhi, its origins, and heritage.

Having traveled around the world personally experiencing the love for Sikhs and Sikhi, we launched this social enterprise to support greater experiences with our heritage, and also support the economy and local projects through the funds raised.  Creating Win-Win for all parties. Experience the heritage and benefit the community of the region while you  connect. 


We strive to work with your needs and interests to create truly inspiring and enriching experiences through our connections,  knowledge, and passion the heritage.

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